There have been a number of delays and cancellations to services on the 1318km Beijing - Shanghai line since it opened on June 30, several months earlier than originally planned.
"This voluntary recall is a precautionary measure," says Mr Tan Xiaofeng, a China CNR spokesman. "We uncovered potential flaws and quality issues in some of our models operating on the Beijing - Shanghai high-speed railway. These included false alarms and in some cases even the loss of power."
Mr Cuidian Guo, chairman of China CNR, says: "Our R&D specialists, technicians and experts from domestic and foreign suppliers are stepping up to the question of systemic failure analysis. Some problems have a clear understanding of the relevant work which is well underway. We are confident we will complete the rectifications in a relatively short period of time."
Cuidian, who expressed his "sincere apologies" for the recall, says meetings are underway with component suppliers to get to the crux of the problems and to introduce more targeted quality control.