In the interview with Ville Rail & Transports, Bussereau denied that France was trying to protect its own industry. He said doubts about the Siemens train could also apply to the train offered by Alstom which also had distributed traction. Bussereau said the original Eurostar trains built by Alstom, which have power cars at each end, are "monsters" in terms of safety. He said they have the advantage of being able to reverse out of the tunnel if one power car fails.
Bussereau says the real enemy in the Channel Tunnel is smoke from a fire. "What do we do if people have to walk 175m in smoke?" he told Ville Rail & Transports.
Nevertheless, Bussereau acknowledges that the operating rules in the Channel Tunnel need to change. "We need to change the safety system in the tunnel to accommodate trains other than Eurostars or Eurotunnel locomotives," he told Ville Rail & Transports. "To find a solution to this issue, beyond the French or British expertise, we propose to involve the European Railway Agency."