From this allocation, Rs 44.1 billion will be spent on constructing 1000km of new lines, while Rs 13 billion will be spent on improving passenger amenities. Surveys for 114 proposed railway projects and 55 new lines will also be conducted during the year, along with gauge conversion on 800km of track, and 700km of track doubling, with costs to be shared with local governments.

To overcome a shortage of passenger coaches, the ministry plans to establish new factories at Rae Bareilly, Kancharapara, Palakkad. New wagon factories will also be constructed at Sikandrabad, Barddhaman, Bhubneshwar/Kalahandi, Guwathi and Haldia, and a new rail axle factory at New Jalpaiguri.

The budget also includes provisions to electrify 2000km of lines within two years, while work on adding 12,000km of optical fibre cable to the network is ongoing.