Under the contract, Leighton's Asia subsidiary will be responsible for
civil works, track construction, workshops, maintenance facilities, and
administration buildings. It will also maintain the line for four
Construction will begin in March 2010 with completion scheduled for
mid-2011. The $US 800 million line will have capacity to carry around
28 million tonnes of coal per year, and trains will be 1.8km long with
a maximum axleload of 25 tonnes. The line is being built with the
assistance of a $US 30 million loan from the European Bank of
Reconstruction and Development.
In March German Rail (DB) subsidiary DB International was awarded a
contract covering project management, procurement, and quality
assurance. DB International will also provide operational consultancy
China's Ministry of Railways is planning to build a connection between Gashuun Sukhait and the Chinese network at Linhe.