The WCML contract is worth over Euros 25 million and includes the detailed design, construction, testing and commissioning of signalling equipment and power-related elements of the Bletchley remodelling project. The project will allow speeds to be increased from 175km/h to 200km/h through Bletchley station providing greater diversity of train operations.
The project will also facilitate the replacement of life-expired signalling equipment and power distribution systems in the area, with interlocking control provided through a Smartlock platform stationed at the Rugby control centre. Work is set to commence shortly and will be completed by December 2012.
A Euros 4 million contract has also been awarded to provide new and upgraded signalling, operational telecommunications and power supplies to increase signalling capacity in the vicinity of West Ham station in London. Currently underway, work is expected to be completed in May 2011 and will facilitate passenger journeys to Olympic Park during the London 2012 Olympic Games.