The project involves the construction of two lines serving the south
and west of the city. The 9.8km western line will run from the existing
terminus at Station Street to Queen's Medical Centre, University of
Nottingham, and Beeston to a park-and-ride terminus at Toton Lane. It
is expected to carry 5.1 million passengers a year.
The 7.6km
southern line will also begin at Station Street, running through The
Meadows and Wilford to Clifton. A park-and-ride station will be built
at Clifton to relieve the congested A453 highway, and the line is
expected to carry 3.9 million passengers per year.
Both lines will
cross the city's main railway station by means of a new bridge, which
will be built as part of a £67 million redevelopment of the station.
Construction will begin on both lines in 2011 and will take three years
to complete.
DfT has allocated Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
credits worth £530.7 million for Phase 2, and the city council will
fund the remaining £149.5 million. A funding gap opened recently when
Nottinghamshire County Council withdrew its support for the project,
although DfT has allocated an additional £13 million in PFI credits,
and says it is confident the city council can find the remaining £20
million. NCC plans to introduce a workplace parking levy from 2012 in
order to finance its share of the project.
Nottingham opened its
first light rail line from Station Street to Hucknall and Phoenix Park
in 2004. The project cost £200 million, £174 million of which came from
government PFI credits.