Rail is at the heart of this vision, and the EC will introduce a
further overhaul of the regulatory framework for the industry with a
new rail package in 2012-13. This will aim to significantly increase
rail's market share in both passenger and freight over medium distances
(more than 300km). The EC will also support the tripling of the
high-speed rail network by 2030; liberalisation of domestic passenger
services; single management structures for railfreight corridors;
structural separation of infrastructure managers and operators; and
improvements aimed at encouraging private sector investment in rail

The White Paper notes that options for decarbonising road freight
transport over distances of more than 300km are limited and suggests
that multimodality will become increasingly important to shippers. It
sets a target of shifting 30% of long-distance road freight volumes to
rail and waterways by 2030, and 50% by 2050.

In a joint statement, the Community of European Railways (CER),
European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM), and The European Rail
Industry Association (Unife) welcomed the White Paper as "a strong
commitment to creating a true internal market for rail services," but
warned against a possible risk of over reliance on technological
improvement to reduce transport greenhouse gas emissions.