About one-third of railway fatalities in Europe occur at level crossings and most of these are caused by road users. But, because deaths at level crossings account for only 1.7% of road traffic fatalities, the abuse of level crossings is often regarded outside the railway community as a minor matter and largely as a railway rather than a highway problem. Ilcad is designed to change this perception as it includes road authorities, police forces and road user associations. Ilcad seeks to make people aware that both modes of transport have an important role to play in trying to reduce level crossing accidents.

Under the theme "act safely at level crossings", actions taking place today including handing out leaflets at level crossings, in schools and in driving schools, and displaying posters at stations and other prominent locations. A special video will be shown at stations and on the internet, messages will be broadcast on the radio and television, and press conferences are being held in participating countries.

Network Rail in Britain and Garmin, a satellite navigation provider, have developed a free downloadable application for automobile sat-nav systems which will alert drivers of approaching level crossing by sounding a train whistle.