The plan is divided evenly with Euros 2 billion set to be spent on improving operations and maintenance practices, and the remainder on renewing and improving network reliability. This includes modernisation of Paris RER lines B, C and D, and an extension of line E including an 8km tunnel west from Haussmann-Saint-Lazare to La Défense.

rer.jpgTangentielle Nord (TLN) will also be built providing a 28km tram train link in the north of the city. The Epinay and Le Bourget section is due to open in 2014 at a cost of Euros 431.6 million, and is the first stage of a project that will ultimately link Sartrouville and Noisy-le-Sec.

There are also plans to construct a new high-speed line in the southeast of Paris which will connect TGV Atlantique with other high-speed lines radiating from Paris to the southeast, east and northeast as well as access to Paris Orly airport. Currently high-speed trains use conventional lines in this area dramatically reducing the speed of their journeys.

"This commitment - unprecedented on the national network - will place our infrastructure at the highest levels of quality, safety, durability and service," says Mr Hubert du Mesnil, RFF president. "These advancements will improve the quality of services for the Paris region but also for all users of the national rail network."