turinval.jpgGTT says that following the extension, ridership on the 13.6km Line 1 that runs from Collegno in the west of Turin to Lingotto via the previous terminus at Porta Nuova main station is expected to increase to 40 million in 2012 from the 22 million passengers transported in 2010. Daily ridership will consequently rise from 90,000 passengers to 140,000.
GTT has also exercised an option with Siemens to purchase an additional six Val 208 trains to operate on the line. With a capacity for 440 passengers, GTT now operates 29 of the rubber-tyred vehicles which are capable of running at two minute headways during peak hours.
The initial 7.6km, 11 station first phase of Turin's metro system opened in 2006 to coincide with the hosting of the Winter Olympic Games with a subsequent 2km addition opening in 2007. Plans exist to extend Line 1 by a further 2km from Lingotto to Bengasi Square, another 3.8km from Fermi to Rivoli, and the addition of another line that will run from the east to the south of the city with an intersection with Line 1 at Re Umberto.