NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd Israel

NTA - Metropolitan Mass

Transit System Ltd, Israel

Public Tender No. 078/2017 for Supply and Maintenance of Systems

of the Red Line Project in Tel AvivNTA - Metropolitan MassTransit System Ltd, Israel

 1. NTA - Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. (“NTA”), in accordance with its obligations under the Israeli Mandatory Tenders Law, 5752-1992, the Mandatory Tender Regulations 5753-1993 invites companies worldwide, to participate in an international tender for the Design, Development, Manufacture, Procurement, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Warranty and Maintenance of the Systems of the Red Line Project all as detailed in the Bidding Documents.

2. Threshold Requirements - Bidders shall comply with all the requirements of the General, Professional and Financial Threshold Requirements as further detailed in the Bidding Documents.

3. Volume 1 Part I & Part II (BDS) are available for review and download from NTA's website, www.nta.co.il/en/tenders. The full set of the Bidding Documents are available on NTA's FTP server (via NTA'le server at: ftp.nta.co.il). A username and password allowing access to NTA's FTP server shall be issued upon NTA's receipt of a request for such access, which is to be submitted to the Tender Mailbox: [email protected]

4. Any requests for clarications should be addressed in writing only to Tender's Mailbox: [email protected]by no later than 16th October 2017.

5. Submission Date - the date for the submission of the Bids is on 30th November 2017 by no later than 14:00 (Israel standard time).

6. The information provided hereinabove including with respect to the Threshold Requirements, is partial. Accordingly, Bidders are obliged to comply with all the provisions of the Bidding Documents in their entirety.

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