VELARO trains remain the likely offering by Siemens for high-speed lines in Europe, however their interiors could be adapted as the rail industry seeks to capitalise on various government’s desires to decarbonise transport.

Siemens Mobility CEO, rolling stock, Mr Albrecht Neumann told IRJ on August 23 that the high-speed EMUs in use across the world would likely remain the product on offer to the market when asked about whether there was a possibility of new-build fleets for night trains that could run at high-speed.

He said that the EMUs could have their interiors adapted so they could perhaps be more like an aeroplane in terms of the seating layout in business class, and the offering available on such flights.

Neumann told IRJ that journey times of 2h 30min by high-speed rail would be ideal when looking at which short-hauled flight routes should be targeted by governments.

Already the French government is encouraging high-speed rail travel rather than short-haul flights, with €7bn coronavirus aid funding for state-owned airline AirFrance only agreed if it stopped operating on certain domestic short-haul routes where a TGV service was available.