Having been granted approval by both the Belgium and Dutch safety authorities, the V250s can theoretically enter commercial services between Amsterdam and Brussels immediately. The V250s are now in frequent operation on
HSL South in the Netherlands, where testing and driver training continues, and the trains entered limited passenger service between Amsterdam and Rotterdam on September 10.

The High Speed Alliance (HSA) had planned to launch an additional hourly Amsterdam – Rotterdam service using V250s, although there is currently just one set available for passenger service, which currently operates a return working between the two cities every three hours. It has been reported that there are still some technical problems with doors and software.

Nonetheless, NS Hispeed intends to launch Fyra high-speed train services Amsterdam and Brussels starting from the new timetable, on December 9, superseding the hourly the hourly 'Benelux' Inter-City service between the two cities. However, continuing technical problems still appears to be a risk for full service introduction according the plan.