Signatories of the agreement included the president of the province of Bergamo, the mayors of Bergamo, Almè, Ponteranica, Sorisole, Villa d'Almè, Paladina, the presidents of Parco dei Colli di Bergamo and the mountain community of Brembana Valley, and the CEO of Bergamo Electric Tramway (TEB).

The signing of the agreement follows the updating of a 2009 feasibility study, which now puts the cost of the project at €145.1m, plus €39.6m for the acquisition of 11 LRVs.

Funding will be drawn from European, national and regional sources, although the private sector could also be invited to help finance the project.

Line T2 will share Line T1 tracks for 1.6km between Bergamo FS station and San Fermo before continuing north on a new 9.9km alignment to Pontesecco, Ramera, Petosino, Almè and Villa d'Almè, where a small depot will be constructed. A new cycle path will follow the entire route.

After completion of the project a tender will be launched for a contract to operate the line, with TEB retaining responsibility for infrastructure.

TEB will present the executive project for Line T2 within a year.

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