The LRVs will automatically recharge an onboard bank of supercapacitors during stops at stations and CSR says the vehicles will draw sufficient power during a 30-second stop to operate independently for up to 4km. The supercapacitor provides power to the traction system for acceleration and also draws current from the regenerative braking system, which can recover up to 85% of braking energy for reuse.

The vehicles are charged automatically through a device positioned between the rails, which is activated as the vehicle passes overhead.

CSR says the supercapacitors have a projected lifespan of 1 million charging cycles or up to 10 years.

Seven of the LRVs were ordered in June 2013 by Guangzhou Tram, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Metro Corporation, for use on the 7.7km Canton Tower – Wanshengwei light rail line in the district of Haizhou, which is due to open at the end of this year.

According to CSR the 36.5m-long vehicles will accommodate up to 368 passengers with an entry floor height of 325mm.

Static tests are underway on the first vehicle, which is due to be delivered to Gunagzhou for dynamic testing next month.