HTM has ordered 60 four-section bi-directional vehicles at a cost of around €155m, the original 2011 order for 40 vehicles being increased by another 20 in March 2014. The LRVs are being assembled at Siemens' Simmering plant in Vienna and testing of the first tram started at Wildenrath in March with two more vehicles also now undergoing tests.

The Avenio uses single articulation whereby each section of the tram runs on its own bogie; configurations ranging from two to eight sections (18-72m in length) are possible. The HTM Avenios are 35m long and 2.55m wide and are equipped for operation in tunnels.

The first Avenio tram will be delivered to the Dutch city next month and will initially undergo clearance and other infrastructure testing before entering passenger service at the end of this year or early next year.

Siemens has also delivered eight similar (but narrower at 2.4 mwide) four-section Avenios to Munich Transport (MVG) although these are currently in Munich awaiting approval for use from the Upper Bavarian transport safety authorities.