The Citadis X05 LRV for Caen is 33m long and equipped with six double doors on each side, enabling it to transport more than 210 passengers. It features 100% LED lighting, USB charging points, six extra-large passenger information screens and large windows covering 45% of the vehicle. Alstom says the LRV is energy-efficient and will also be able to climb slopes with gradients of more than 8%.

The LRVs will replace a fleet of rubber-tyred guided vehicles which were withdrawn from service at the end of 2017 to allow the network to be converted into a conventional light rail system.

A design committee made up of elected representatives of Caen worked with Alstom to create three different trams, with residents voting in 2016 for their favourite design via a dedicated website.

“We wanted the urban community’s inhabitants to adopt this new tram, vital in an urban environment,” says Mr Joël Bruneau, president of Caen. “So, with a view to co-creating the city of tomorrow, the design of the new trams was submitted to the opinion of all the inhabitants of the urban community.”