The 4.4km extension from the present terminus at Doblerholz will be built in two phases. Construction will start next year on the initial section between Doblerholz and the shopping complex at Plus City, with the first trams expected to run in mid-2015. The remainder of the line to Schloss Traun will be commissioned in 2016.

In total eight new stations will be built with loops at Plus City and at Schloss Traun. Once completed, services will run at 7.5 minutes intervals to Plus City with every second tram continuing to Schloss Traun. The journey time between Linz Main Station and Schloss Traun will be 22 minutes.

The line will extend beyond the municipal boundaries of the city of Linz and the Upper Austria regional government has therefore established a company, Upper Austria Track, to act as infrastructure owner, while Linz Linien will be responsible for operating the line.

The total cost of the extension is estimated to be €70m, 20% of which will be come from the municipalities of Leonding, Pasching and Traun.