The 10-year Our Network plan aims to create a simple, convenient and accessible network with easy changes between modes, affordable fares, a cap on the price of each journey, and orbital routes to improve connections within the city region.

Our Network is built on five key principles, which are already being applied on the Metrolink light rail network:

  • convenient: reliable and regular services
  • affordable: integrated fares and ticketing across bus, rail, tram and bike hire
  • sustainable: zero emissions and powered by renewable energy
  • accessible: fully-accessible to all residents both at stops and on transport modes, and
  • accountable: run for the people and locally accountable.

“Our current public transport system is fragmented and unreliable, with often confusing ticketing and passenger information,” Burnham says. “A truly integrated transport network has the potential to transform Greater Manchester. By allowing people to easily and quickly move around our city-region we can unlock growth, cut congestion and air pollution and enable our residents to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.”

Our Network includes a commitment to exploring the further expansion of the Metrolink network, including completion of the Airport Loop south of the city and the Port Salford and Middleton extensions.

A new Greater Manchester Rail Prospectus will set out the city’s ambitions for the main line rail network.

Transport for Greater Manchester will carry out ‘pathfinder studies’ with Britain’s Department for Transport on three proposed tram-train lines: Oldham - Heywood, Manchester city centre - Hale, and Wilmslow - Manchester Airport via Styal.