The order will comprise four 34m-long and nine 48m-long LRVs, which will be 14m longer than the longest vehicles currently in use on the MVG network. The 48m-long vehicles will replace 34m-long trams on the Main Station – Westfriedhof (Lines 20/21), and Main Station – Romanplatz (Line 16 and 17) routes, increasing capacity from 220 to 270 passengers per set.

The new 34m-long LRVs and the 34m-long vehicles displaced from Lines 20 and 21 will be allocated to Line 16 from St Emmeram to Max-Weber-Platz, where they will increase capacity and allow the withdrawal of 13 27m-long trams currently in use on this route.

MVG says that it expects to order the vehicles before the end of the year with delivery scheduled for late 2017 onwards.

The contract will include options for additional vehicles to support the expansion of the network and replace trams dating from the 1990s, which are due to be phased out from 2023 onwards.