As part of the new six-year public service delegation contract, Keolis, which has managed the network since 2012, will be responsible for the tram and bus networks, transport services for people with reduced mobility, the region’s bike-share scheme and longer-term bike rentals.

The contract, which is due to begin on January 1 2019, is expected to generate a cumulative revenue of €395m.

Keolis will support Orléans Métropole’s goal to achieve a 100% electric network, which includes the renewal of the entire bus fleet with electric vehicles by 2024.

Keolis says it will also launch a number of innovative services during the contract to adapt to the changing lifestyle needs of passengers, including significantly improving performance on the network by 2021 with more frequent tram services at night and on Sundays.

Keolis has committed to increasing revenue by 20% between 2018 and 2024, mainly through initiatives to reduce fare evasion, and simplifying ticket purchasing. Trams and buses will be equipped with next-generation ticket validators accept contactless bank cards.