Vossloh Kiepe Austria will be responsible for developing and manufacturing the power, electrical, vehicle control and air conditioning systems, as well as maintaining the vehicles for 16 years. Vossloh Rail Vehicles will design and assemble the LRVs at its Albuixech facility near Valencia in Spain, with deliveries due to start at the end of 2015.

The, 70km/h bi-directional LRVs will be powered by four 100kW motors fed by 600-750V dc electrification. Each LRV will be 32m long and 2.4m wide, and have five low-floor sections in a Bo-2-Bo wheel arrangement accommodating up to 183 passengers.

StH will use three trams for the Vöcklamarkt – Attersee branch line while the others will be used on the tram line in Gmunden, Upper Austria, and on the Gmunden – Vorchdorf line. The latter will be connected in a few years time to allow through working between Vorchdorf and Gmunden town centre.