The new bi-directional trains are based on existing trains used by Saudi Railway Organisation (SRO) which feature a locomotive at either end. The new trains will operate passenger services on the 2750km North-South line stretching from Riyadh to Al Haditha near the Jordanian border.

SAR placed an order with Spanish manufacturer CAF in 2012 for five diesel trains which are capable of operating at 200km/h and withstanding temperatures of up to 55 degrees celcius. SAR will operate the trains as nine-car services in the day and 13-car services at night, with each unit including dining cars, sleeper cars and prayer areas.

The North-South line, which includes a second spur from Al-Jalamid mine to Ras Al-Khair on the coast of the Arabia Gulf, is already open to freight traffic, with passenger services scheduled to begin this year.