The Pamina Euro-district, which brings together several German local authorities in both Rheinland Pfalz and Baden Württemberg plus the Grand Est Region, Département Bas-Rhin and town of Hagenau in France, has agreed to undertake a feasibility study into the re-opening of the railway between Rastatt, Germany, and Hagenau, France. The line could be used by a new Saarbrücken - Hagenau - Rastatt - Karlsruhe passenger service as well as a diversionary route for freight traffic.


The 7km section from Rastatt to Wintersdorf, beside the Rhine, still exists and is owned by Karlsruhe area tram-train operator AVG. In France a short section remains in use to serve industrial sidings near the Rhine at Beinheim, but the 21.8km Rœschwoog - Hagenau section is disused and would need to be completely rebuilt. The old railway bridge across the Rhine is still in use as a road bridge, for cars and light vans. Two options are possible: reconstruction for rail use or construction of a new bridge.

Pamina also wants to reopen the Freiburg - Breisach - Colmar line around 100km to the south. While there are lines on both side of the Rhine, the cross-border section no longer exists so a new river crossing would be required.
Pamina plans to seek funding for the studies from the European Union’s Interreg programme which exists to stimulate cross-border cooperation and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.