SBB will reintroduce the majority of its normal timetable on June 8, including the operation of restaurant cars. The Swiss government is due to gradually ease movement restrictions from June 6, allowing commuter, inter-regional and tourist services to resume, although some restrictions will remain late at night and during peak periods.

Passengers will be required to follow safety guidelines and are still advised to wear facemasks when travelling, especially when a 2m distance between passengers cannot be maintained. SBB is also encouraging passengers to purchase tickets online, through an app or via a ticket machine, or to use contactless payments when buying tickets over the counter.

In addition to the services already running, SBB will reintroduce the following services:

  • IC1 Geneva airport - Bern - Zurich - St Gallen, which resumes as a continuous west-east intercity service 
  • IC2 Zurich - Lugano, with a partial half hourly-service
  • IC3 Chur - Zurich - Basle, with the half-hourly Zurich - Basle service and a partially half-hourly Zurich - Chur service 
  • IC4 Zurich - Schaffhausen (from May 25), resuming half-hourly IC4/RE Zurich - Schaffhausen services 
  • IR16 Olten - Bern, restoring the hourly fast direct connection Bern - Aarau - Brugg - Baden 
  • IR36 Basle - Zurich Airport, restoring the direct Basle - Zurich Airport connection and half-hourly IR Basle - Brugg - Zurich service
  • IR37 Zurich - St Gallen, consolidating the Zurich - St Gallen offer
  • RE Olten - Lucerne
  • RE Olten - Wettingen
  • additional services during peak periods between Bern - Zurich and in the Basle and La Chaux-de-Fonds areas. 

International services

SBB will gradually begin to reintroduce its international services, working in cooperation with its partner railways in neighbouring countries. Most regional cross-border services have already resumed, although services to Italy are still limited, with the Tilo regional service still stopping at the Italian border.

Two daily services have been operating between Geneva and Paris since May 18, with a daily service between Basle and Paris. Further connections between Switzerland and France will be introduced in consultation with TGV Lyria. 

A number of services to Germany via Basle and Schaffhausen have been running since May 25, including the ICE services from Hamburg and Berlin to Basle, Interlaken and Zurich/Chur, along with the Zurich - Schaffhausen - Stuttgart IC service. The Cologne - Basle ICE has been operating since May 18. 

SBB is planning to resume night train services from June 25.


ÖBB has announced the resumption of international services following a significant decrease in the number of coronavirus cases in Austria and neighbouring countries.

Regional services on the Bregenz - St Gallen and Feldkirch - Buchs cross-border lines resumed on May 25, while the Vienna - Zürich and Vienna - Brno - Prague Railjet services will resume on June 2. This will be followed by the Zürich - Bregenz service on June 8, the Linz - Prague service on June 14, and the Munich - Innsbruck EuroCity service on June 15.

International Nightjet sleeper services are expected to begin operating at the end of June, although all services to Italy remain suspended for the time being.