The train, a variant of Stadler’s Dosto double-deck EMU adapted for Nordic winter conditions, is the first of the 33 new double-decker trains ordered from Stadler by Transitio and commissioned by Mälab.


The trains will operate on four lines:

  • Örebro - Eskilstuna - Stockholm (Uppsala)
  • Linköping - Norrköping - Eskilstuna - Västerås - Sales
  • Norrköping - Nyköping - Stockholm and
  • Hallsberg - Katrineholm - Stockholm

They are designed to run at -40oC with up to 800mm of snow on the track and are equipped to withstand the extreme weather conditions, including inter-vehicle gangways with twin bellows, large snowploughs, efficient floor and wall heating systems and specially-adapted insulation. The underframes of the trains have been designed to minimise freezing.

The train has a maximum output of 4.5MW, a maximum speed of 200km/h and maximum acceleration 0.95 m/s², reaching 0-100 km/h in 33 seconds.

stadler Malartag Dosto EMU sweden

Each 104.8m-long train accommodates 333 passengers in adjustable seats with individual work tables, power outlets, Wi-Fi, and reading lights, as well as seating for 24 passengers in tip-up seats. There is storage space to accommodate cabin-size luggage under the seats. The new trains are 120mm wider and 100mm higher than the Dosto trains previously delivered to other European operators, reflecting Sweden’s generous loading gauge.

It is possible to operate up to four trains coupled together, and the trains are equipped with regenerative braking.

The commuter train will be tested over the summer with further extreme-weather testing over the winter, before the fleet enters commercial service in 2019 - 2021.