BYD will provide 14 five-cars trains, switches, conductor rails, and signalling to enable automatic train operation (ATO) at Grade of Automation 4 (GoA 4) as well as a central control system, engineering vehicles and train washing machines. The deal also includes technical services, including engineering integration, installation, debugging and training.

The first phase of the 17.7km straddle-type monorail system will run from São Paulo’s Congonhas Airport to the city centre, connecting the city's business districts, University of São Paulo, and densely populated areas in the east.

The line will interchange with Line 1/Blue, Line 4/Yellow, Line 5/Lilac, and Line 9/Emerald.

Line 17/Gold is designed to carry up to 250,000 passengers a day with a headway of up to 80 seconds, significantly alleviating pressure on road traffic between Congonhas Airport and other araes of the city.

BYD was awarded the contract in February, after the Signalling Consortium was disqualified for not meeting the tender’s technical and financial requirements.

The project is BYD’s second major project in Brazil after it was awarded a construction contract for Salvador’s SkyRail project in January.

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