The tenders will cover a range of systems including:

  • rolling stock
  • permanent way comprising track (including slab track), switches and crossings, test tracks, and the substructure
  • traction power supply and Scada systems
  • communications-based train control specified at automation Level 4
  • interlockings and auxiliary systems for stations
  • control systems including automatic train supervision, train control management, integrated train control, an emergency train control centre, and an operation and control centre (OCC)
  • depot, maintenance workshop and train stabling
  • buildings including the OCC and depot
  • a computerised maintenance and management system
  • mechanical, electrical and plumbing support systems
  • tunnel ventilation and cooling
  • passenger information
  • closed-loop automatic fare collection system
  • security systems
  • platform screen doors and segregation doors, and
  • overall system integration.

Jeddah plans to build a four-line network comprising the 33km Blue Line with 19 stations which will serve the airport, the 42km Orange Line with 30 stations, the east - west Green Line which will be 16.5km long and have 12 stations, and the 58km Red Line with 24 stations.

The project includes the construction of the 2km Obhur road-rail suspension bridge which will be 74m wide and have a maximum clearance of 51m, and a new 85,000m2 hub station at Al Montalaq will provide interchange between the metro and the Haramain high-speed rail station, construction of which is well advanced.

Documentation can be downloaded from Metro Jeddah's FTP site. The deadline for applications is January 13 2016.