UVZ won a contract in December to supply Moscow City Transport Agency with 120 low-floor Flexity LRVs. "Our partnership with Bombardier Transportation, which stated last year, has already brought its first results," says Mr Oleg Sienko, general director of UVZ.

UVZ and Bombardier have agreed to design a high-capacity metro train for Moscow Metro, which plans to launch a tender soon. The train will feature some of Bombardier's latest technology such as Flexx bogies, and Mitrac propulsion and control equipment.

"By joining forces with UVZ, we can offer the most advanced trams and metros for Russia," says Mr Laurent Troger, president rolling stock Atlantic and services with Bombardier Transportation. "Our partnership with UVZ is making good progress and will provide us with many long-term growth opportunities in the region in the run up to 2018 and beyond."

Moscow LRV