SPANISH national operator Renfe has announced the launch of its dōcō Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app that will provide journey planning, payment and ticketing for door-to-door journeys across Spain, including urban rail and bus networks, taxis and ride-sharing.

Dōcō combines the first two letters of the Spanish words for “where?” and “how?”, and the new app has been developed by Renfe and its technology partners NTT Data and Siemens Mobility under the Renfe as a Service (RaaS) project.

The app is initially being used by early adopters and its full functionality will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks.

Renfe says that customers using the dōcō app will be supported throughout the journey process, and will be provided with made to measure journey solutions.

It describes dōcō as an open and inclusive platform that brings together the various operators of the new transport ecosystem, and says that its gradual rollout will make journeys easier for everyone throughout Spain, enabling passengers to reach their destination in the simplest way.

Dōcō will offer the best routes and combination of transport modes to reach a given destination, enabling users to choose the fastest, least expensive or most sustainable options. The app can also be used to book and pay for journeys in the same place, and will provide journey information.

To support the launch, dōcō has its own website at and is being promoted on social media to ensure that users are kept up to date with the latest developments.