The paper suggests the introduction of distance-based road charging and charges for air and noise pollution across all EU states, enabled through a strengthening of the Eurovignette toll payment system currently used in Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden. In addition, CER suggests that the EU raise taxes on kerosene-based jet fuel and shipping fuels.

CER highlights that the proposed measures would encourage a transition to higher public transport usage over transport options with higher carbon emissions, as outlined in the EU’s European Green Deal.

CER argues that the policies could support the financing of Europe’s economic recovery and estimates that the proposed measures could raise revenues of up to €300bn. CER also hopes the proposed measures could improve the competitiveness of low-carbon transport such as railways.

“Sustainable transport like rail must be a key part of Europe’s economic recovery,” says Mr Libor Lochman, executive director of CER. “When ministers discuss the Eurovignette reform next, they should agree on strong implementation of user-pays and polluter-pays principles on roads, to support fair intermodal competition.”