According to Mr Christian Schreyer, the CEO of railfreight operator DB Schenker Rail Poland, the organization is open to everyone with an interest in rail transport and some companies, including regional passenger operator Przewozy Regionalne, CTL Logistics, Freightliner, Arriva, and DB Schenker Rail Poland, have already declared their membership.

FPK will also focus on improving the image of railways, and promote its economic and environmental credentials.

The CEO of Przewozy Regionalne Mrs Malgorzata Kuczewska-Laska says that the railway sector in Poland struggles not only with an unsustainable network development policy and delays in modernisation projects, but also the lack of a coherent and long-term strategy.

Shreyer added: "The Polish railway market is the second largest in Europe and has huge potential, but it doesn't develop these opportunities." He also mentioned that according to World Economic Forum, Poland is placed 62nd in terms of railway infrastructure quality. Despite this, train operators have to pay higher access charges than in neighbouring Germany where the quality of infrastructure is far superior. As a result it is very difficult to develop intermodal services that make rail an attractive modal choice.

Both Schreyer and Kuczewska-Laska underlined that, in the light of the above, the industry should speak with one voice in order to fight for its interests more effectively. FPK hopes to advise ministers on rail legislation, monitor investment, and propose ideas to enhance the competitiveness of rail in Poland.