Each train section of the 3.1m-wide trains has three doors on each side, and can be operated in sets of two, four, six and eight sections. A six-section train has capacity for 1400 passengers.  

The train employs wide-track double-axle rubber-tyred bogies, and can manage inclines of 60‰, and curve radii of 50m. 

The manufacturer says the train is around 20% more energy-efficient than previous models produced by CRRC Sifang and offers an operating noise level of around 15dB less than equivalent steel-wheel metro vehicles. 

The trains can support operation at Grade of Automation (GoA) 4 and are equipped with predictive maintenance sensors.  

The trains also feature windows with UV and infrared shielding and improved sound insulation, an onboard sprinkler system, and anti-bacterial coatings on handrails. 

CRRC Sifang says that the trains have a service life of 30 years.