In May 2016 Korail placed a Won 102bn order with Hyundai Rotem for 30 trains, which will be used on the new Gyeongjeon line to Masan in the south of the country. In December Korail and Hyundai Rotem signed a Won 216bn contract for a further 84 EMU-250 sets for the Seohae, Center Island and Jungang lines, which are being upgraded for 200km/h operation.

Based on Korea’s next generation high-speed train, the HEMU-430x, the EMU-250 has a top speed of 260km/h. Unlike the KTX-Sancheon, the new trains use distributed traction.

At the unveiling Korail announced details of passenger amenities on the new trains. Leg room has been extended from 124mm to 159mm and each outer seat has its own window. Tray tables will have a slot to support mobile devices such as tablets, and seats will be fitted with USB sockets and wireless chargers. First class accommodation will feature a video on-demand entertainment with seat-back screens.

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EMU 250 b

EMU 250 c

EMU 250 d

EMU 250 e