The 12-year contract covers the operation of 5.6 million train-km per year on six routes:

• RE 17 Hagen – Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

• RE 57 Dortmund – Winterberg/Brilon Stadt

• RB 52 Dortmund – Lüdenscheid

• RB 53 Dortmund – Iserlohn

• RB 54 Unna – Neuenrade

• RB 43 Dortmund – Dorsten

All of these services are already operated by DB Regio with the exception of RB43, which is run by North West Railway (NWB).

DB has ordered 20 two-car and 16 three-car Link dmus, which have a maximum speed of 140km/h. The trains are being acquired under a framework agreement signed last September for up to 470 sets, which could be worth up to €1.2bn if all options are exercised.