The company, which is currently headed by CEO Mr Paolo Gallo, will be split into three units by the end of this year. Grandi Stazioni Rail will focus on key railway business, completing investment in infrastructure and managing safety, cleaning services, maintenance, ticket offices, parking facilities, executive lease contracts and engineering activities.

Grandi Stazioni Retail will be responsible for non-rail commercial business both in Italy and the Czech Republic, where Grandi Stazioni currently manages two major stations. The company will handle commercial leases on retail space, media advertising, and travel services. Following the completion of an in-depth industrial plan, this business will be privatised

The third new company will be Grandi Stazioni Immobiliare, which will focus on investment in the property portfolio.

Under the proposals the shareholder structure will also change. At present Grandi Stazioni is 60%-owned by FS with Eurostazioni holding the remaining 40% stake. Grandi Stazioni Rail will be 100%-owned by FS, Grandi Stazioni Immobiliare will remain unchanged and Grandi Stazioni Retail fully or partially sold.