The founder of MEN Mikro Elektronik Mr Manfred Schmitz will retain his shareholding in MEN and will become a member of the board of directors of the new group.
Dr Markus Dilger, former CEO of Duagon, has been named CEO of the communication business unit, while Mr Bernd Härtlein, former CEO of MEN, has been appointed CEO of the computing business unit.

“We look forward to working with Duagon and are confident that this merger will create a market-leading company for complete computing and communication hardware and software solutions for safety-critical markets,” says Härtlein. “With Duagon’s expertise, this will initially mean an even stronger focus on the rail market.”

MEN Mikro Elektronik has installed a new IT platform on German Rail’s fleet of 256 ICE high-speed trains to act as a data hub to provide passengers with access to entertainment and information (IRJ April p26).