LNVG is managing the tendering process for the following services:

  • RE 2 Uelzen - Hannover - Göttingen
  • RE 3 Uelzen - Lüneburg- Hamburg
  • RE 4 Hamburg - Bremen
  • RB 31 Hamburg - Lüneburg, and
  • RB 41 Hamburg - Buchholz - Rotenburg and Weser - Bremen

The current cumulative volume of these services is 8.4 million train-km, but options are included to decrease or increase the number of operations as well as seating capacity, with a minimum volume of at least 8.2 million train-km per year. The winning bidder will also be expected to operate extra train services for soccer matches.

LNVG will provide vehicles for the services as well as corrective and preventive maintenance.

Bids must be received before February 10 2017 at 12.00 CET, and bids must be valid until at least December 31 2017.