Five new stations: Ehrang-Hafenstrasse, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke, Römerbrücke, Euren-Eisenbahnstrasse and Zewen-Kantstrasse will be built on the 15.6km line between Trier Ehrang and Igel on the existing line from Trier Main Station to Wasserbillig, Luxembourg. The existing station at Ehrang will be closed.

The Rhineland Palatinate state government and infrastructure manager DB Networks will fund the €19m cost of the new stations.

The stations will be served at 30-minute intervals by a new Wittlich - Ehrang-Hafenstrasse - Luxembourg service, which will replace some of the existing Wasserbillig – Luxembourg trains in Luxembourg, and Ehrang-Hafenstrasse – Konz – Saarburg services. These services will be tendered in 2014 and will start operating in December 2018.