Skoda is set to double the size of the current facility from 30,000m2 to 60,000m2 and increase staff from 450 to 900 employees.

The manufacturer will spend Koruna 300m on a new paint shop at the plant, invest Koruna 100m in an expanded machining centre, and Koruna 200m on expanded production lines. It will also invest Koruna 70m on new machines as well as the purchase of land, thermal insulation of buildings and new facilities for employees.

Skoda says the expansion will enable it to significantly increase monthly production capacity, including rough aluminium structures by five-times. The facility will predominately manufacture single deck EMUs for customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia as well as push-pull coaches for Moravia-Silesia.

“This investment will significantly increase our production capacity, making manufacturing of our new trains more efficient,” says Mr Petr Brzezina, chairman of the board of directors and president of Skoda Group. “In addition, our subsidiary Skoda Digital will be located in Ostrava where it will continue to develop technological know-how in the fields of control, multimedia, and diagnostics systems.”