The first train will depart Stockholm Central on March 27 2021. One-way tickets starts from €49, and are available from Snälltåget’s website.

The southbound service will depart Stockholm at 16.20 and will arrive in Hamburg at 05.31 and Berlin at 08:52 the following day. The northbound service departs from Berlin 19.02 and Hamburg 23.26, to arrive in Stockholm at 14.19 the next day.

Trains will depart daily from Stockholm and Berlin throughout June, July and August, and will operate as a weekend service in April, May and September.

The train will offer seating coaches and six-berth couchette compartments.

A dining car will be available between Stockholm and Malmö, and an attendant will offer sandwiches, snacks, beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages between Malmö and Berlin.

Snälltåget says the service will be operated exclusively using renewable energy from solar, wind and hydroelectric sources.

“This will be the first regular night train service to operate from Sweden, via Denmark, to Germany since the 1990s,” says Mr Carl Adam Holmberg, head of Snälltåget. “It feels fantastic to be able to offer such a sustainable alternative to travellers. We have been operating night trains to Berlin since 2012 and believe in its potential despite the coronavirus crisis. That is why we are investing in more departures and a completely new route for the Berlin night train service in 2021.”

The service is an expansion of Snälltåget’s existing Malmö - Berlin overnight trains, which have operated on a thrice-weekly basis since 2012. The service was suspended in June until next year due to coronavirus restrictions in Germany and uncertainty about the future of the Trelleborg - Sassnitz train ferry route.