The mixed-traffic locomotives will have a maximum speed of 160km/h for passenger operation and 120km/h for hauling freight trains. They must be able to operate for at least 20 hours per day and 250,000km a year with a life of 30 years.


For passenger operation, the locomotives much be capable of powering up to eight double-deck coaches or 10 single-deck coaches in push-pull mode, and be equipped for multiple operation. A maximum train weight of 800 tonnes is envisaged. The locomotives should be able to complete the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem journey in 27 minutes.

In freight operation, the locomotives must be sufficiently powerful to haul trains of up to 3600 tonnes in multiple traction.

ISR has specified an ac three-phase asynchronous traction system. The locomotives need to be designed for regenerative braking and have an electronic wheel slip protection system. A maximum axleload of 22.5 tonnes is specified.

Closing date for tenders is December 15.