The specification calls for a single-deck EMU capable of operating at up to 354km/h and CHSRA is seeking a "service-proven" design which has been in 300km/h commercial operation with another operator for at least five years. The trains will be 3.2-3.4m wide and up to 205m long with a static axleload not exceeding 17 tonnes.

Each set will need to accommodate a minimum of 450 passengers with 1067mm seat pitch in first class and 991mm in business class.

The contract will include long-term technical support, provision of spares, and maintenance for 30 years, with the construction of one heavy maintenance facility, which will be located in the Central Valley, and three smaller depots for light servicing, cleaning, and stabling.

CHSRA has not disclosed the minimum number of trains for a base order, but if all options are exercised it could order up to 95 trains.

The closing date for expressions of interest is October 22.