The new NVXe navigator series is the first of three electric road-rail wagon shunters. The NVXe, which has already completed a three-week trial in Topeca before going to Minneapolis, can shunt up to 40 freight wagons. The battery management system includes integrated cell monitoring, balancing, and over-current protection. The unit has regenerative braking. A powerful air jet will clean the rails to increase tractive effort by up to 50% in adverse weather or track conditions.


Nordco plans to have two smaller electric shunters available by mid-2016: the SWXe commander series, which can haul 25 loaded wagons, and the RPVe remote-processing vehicle which will shunt 10 wagons.

The new RoadReady track maintenance machines can switch from road to rail at a level crossing or other suitable access point in around 10 minutes. The RBR-1000 ballast regulator and the RST-1000 tamper can both travel at up to 55km/h on rail. The latter has a Triad reference system with track geometry.