The three projects under consideration include:

  • Daniel Boone Corridor: a three-station branch running northwest from Clayton to a park-and-ride terminus at Westport near Interstate Highway 270
  • MetroNorth Corridor - a one-station branch off the Lambert Airport line from North Hanley to a park-and-ride station adjacent to Interstate 270 in Hazelwood, and
  • MetroSouth Corridor - a six-station southern extension from Shrewsbury I-44 station to Butler Hill Road.

"I am excited to be moving ahead with MetroLink planning in St Louis County," says Stenger. "We had originally planned to study only one route, but after hearing from residents and speaking with experts, it became apparent that all three corridors deserve a closer look. These studies are required to secure federal funding that will be an important part of any MetroLink expansion. The findings will show us which of these routes are most likely to qualify for those federal dollars."

Funding for the three studies will come from a voter-approved local sales tax.