The investment will be combined with $US 255.5m in federal funding and $US 44.1m from the city in an effort to eliminate speed restrictions, replace or repair ageing stations, install new power systems and upgrade a significant portion of the Purple Line. Construction will begin next year and will take around three years to complete.

Red Line improvements include track renewals between 18th Street and 95th Street and upgrades to stations between Cermak Street and 95th Street. Currently, almost 35% of the Dan Ryan branch is limited to speeds of less than 56km/h, with almost 20% of the branch restricted to a top speed of 24km/h. Without urgent investment, more than 60% of the branch would operate under speed restrictions from next year.

Wilson and Clark/Division stations will also be rebuilt, ventilation will be upgraded on the underground city centre section of the Red Line, and three electrical substations will be modernised.