Lot 1 has been awarded to Alstom and calls for the delivery of up to 150 EMUs each capable of seating at least 200 passengers.

Under Lot 2, HRI will supply up to 300 Caravaggio double-deck EMUs in a deal with a maximum value of €2.6bn, with an initial order for 39 trains worth €333m. The 160km/h EMUs will be formed of five cars, four of them powered offering acceleration of 1m/s2. Each 136m-long set will accommodate 656 passengers. Production will be carried out at HRI plants in Pistoia, Naples, and Reggio Calabria.

Trenitalia says Stadler has submitted the best economic offer for Lot 3, a contract to supply 50 DMUs, but the supplier's bid will be subject to further evaluation.

Eleven suppliers prequalified for the tender and six - Alstom, CAF, Hyundai Rotem, Hitachi Rail Italy, and Stadler Rail - submitted bids for the three contracts.

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