Earlier this year ÖBB ordered 100 of the 160km/h trains in two versions. The 30 S-Bahn trains will have six sets of doors and 244 seats whilst the 70 trains for regional services will have four sets of doors and 259 seats.

Onboard the trains each seat will be equipped with a lamp, a socket a power socket, and a folding table. Each vehicle will be fitted with 26-inch screens for passenger information and seats have been carefully selected following consultation and testing with passengers.

The first Cityjets are due to be delivered at the end of 2015 for use in eastern and central Austria. The trains will be built by Siemens but some finishing work will be carried out by ÖBB at its Jedlersdorf works. Siemens says that it will possible to add an additional section to the three-car sets at a later stage if required.