Bombardier will use Leclanché’s GNMC and LTO cell solutions as well as module and pack technology. The venture is potentially worth €100m.

Bombardier says the partnership will accelerate the shift from lead-acid batteries to lithium ion cells, which are a clean, environmentally-friendly and sustainable technology. The manufacturer adds that Leclanché’s latest solutions offer improved density, efficiency, and longer-life, resulting in lower operational and maintenance costs for customers.

Demand for rail battery capacity is projected to increase by 400% by 2025 and lithium-ion batteries are set to have the largest share of this market. Bombardier foresees Leclanche’s technology supporting trains to operate on non-electrified parts of the network and to offer hybrid solutions.

Among Bombardier’s current battery projects is a variant of the Talent 3 EMU, a prototype of which was unveiled last September.