The order comprises 10 132m-long five-car trains which will seat 350 passengers, 42 of them in first class, and and four 79m-long three-car sets seating 200 including 25 in first class. Both types will have a maximum speed of 160km/h and will be equipped for operation under both 3kV dc and 25 kV 50Hz ac electrification systems.

Unlike previous batches of RegioPanters the trains will be configured for long-distance operation with only one set of double doors per vehicle, improved seating, 230V electrical sockets, passenger Wi-Fi, and and an electronic reservation system for both seats and bicycle spaces. There will also be dedicated play areas for passengers with small children.

CD says it will make a decision next year on where the new trains will be deployed, and deliveries are scheduled for 2015-16.

CD has already ordered 26 RegioPanter sets in three different configurations, and the first of these trains entered service in 2012.